Marketing is NOT optional. Marketing is an essential tool for the success of all businesses. Our agency covers all aspects of Marketing, so we’ve designed the following guide to highlight just some of the terms and techniques we use all day every day, to give a flavour for what makes a successful marketing strategy or campaign – from A-Z:



Trying to push your services at a niche audience can be tricky. It takes in-depth understanding of your business and the sector together with creativity and innovation to come up with an effective concept to capture and resonate with those you are trying to reach.



At Lamb, we’re all about standing out and making an impact. By being thoughtful, paying attention to detail, learning about the market and understanding what it needs, this demonstrates the will to stand-out, be exceptional and original. We ensure that the work we produce follows these principles, allowing your organisation to get noticed.



Depending on printing needs, printing methods vary: brochures, banners, stickers, promotional items, etc. - the possibilities are endless. From paper to pages to folds and inks to images, the whole process and the production timescale can get confusing. We designed a guide to print, bursting with all the answers you may need.



Whether it’s the quality of design, exhibition stand, pull-up banner, brochures, or content, everything you do should be eye-catching, on-brand, relevant and appealing. As marketing tools become more widely available, differentiating oneself has never been more important and consumers increasingly expect high quality. At the same time, consumers do not want to be spammed. Email, direct mail, and social/blog content should be distributed on a consistent and regular basis, which is not too scarce nor too overbearing, allowing the audience to look forward to the next instalment whilst not forgetting the last one.



How are your efforts performing? Are you getting engagement? What’s the Return on Investment? Reports are a great way to show the value of a campaign and a channel. We produce clear visual reports to show our clients the results of their work and strategy, with ways of how we can improve reach and impact in the future.




Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, etc. The possibilities are numerous and with each platform reaching a different audience, considering which ones are best-suited to your brand and your specific campaign can be daunting. We help you establish why you want to use social media, what you hope to achieve from it and how to maximise online presence and brand awareness.


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