HOW to stand out from the crowd & take on the big guys

how do you ensure that your brand and proposition stands out at exhibitions and trade shows?


In an earlier guide to which type of exhibition stand is right for you, we talked about what might be the best option for you at a large exhibition – such as BIBA, but what if you need something that is easier and quicker to install? Something that doesn’t support the investment of a large scale stand...


The answer is an impactful, quick to install and easy to transport, display system. We have been working with a range of suppliers over the last year – evaluating what they have to offer and testing the equipment in ‘live’ environments – saving you the time, hassle and expense of picking the right solution.


So, if you are starting to raise the profile of your business – attending trade shows/events, and don’t want to have another poor quality ‘banana stand’ or cheap ‘banner stand’, take a look at the following examples of how you can take on the big guys, make a real impact and not break the bank!



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