Marketing is NOT optional. Marketing is an essential tool for the success of all businesses. Our agency covers all aspects of Marketing, so we’ve designed the following guide to highlight just some of the terms and techniques we use all day every day, to give a flavour for what makes a successful marketing strategy or campaign – from A-Z:


Generating leads

One of the main ways to grow a business is through the generation of new leads. In a digital world where organic posting is available to all, standing-out is becoming more and more challenging. By opting for paid content and campaigns, posts are featured more often in feeds and reach is broader, as they are seen by more people that have been specifically targeted.



Playing an important role in developing interest in social media accounts, hashtags are used to get people talking, promote events and campaigns, and are trackable. We research hashtags to see what the industry is speaking about and use relevant ones to appear in the right searches, ensuring specific audience reach and targeted exposure.



Whether it’s a first or second impression, we all want our organisation to leave a good one. Also known as views, impressions represent how many times a social post appears on a screen and therefore how many people it has reached. Tracking them enables measurement of the impact of a specific post.


JoIN the conversation

Know how to make the conversation happen with a strategy comprising of well-made posts in front of the right audience, tailored to each platform. Whether it’s creating a buzz or partaking in topical discussions, we combine creative thinking with quality content to help position you amongst the experts on a topic or product, establishing awareness, intrigue and trust between your organisation and customers.



We use keywords on search engines daily to find what we’re looking for. This is why using the right ones in the right places on your website and in blogs and social posts is important. Finding the most effective ones for the industry / topic being written about ensures that your target audience discovers your content, whilst re-evaluating them every few months guarantees that they are kept up to date with the latest trends




The professional platform holds a variety of networking opportunities. By posting industry and company updates, it lets prospects and customers gain more perspective into your business as your organisation increases credibility. An effective platform for lead-generation, we take care of your LinkedIn company page and advertising campaigns by creating and publishing branded, engaging content and targeting specific audiences, placing your business in front of your market faster.



These are the numbers being measured on a daily basis to demonstrate the effectiveness of a marketing campaign across different channels. Reflecting on what has been done and assessing the results will ensure that the marketing strategy is constantly optimised.


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