Neil Johnson - Lamb's Man in Havana riding Cuba for The Children's Trust

Neil and Doug McKinnon; client and friend of Lamb are spending five days in December cycling 350k in aid of Lamb's favourite charity The Children's Trust. 15 of them are cycling and in total have thus far raised just short of £60,000.

In these daily updates he shares the pains and glories of his efforts. For people of a nervous disposition beware...

Day 1 Laying here listening to Doug snore. 40k today and the biggy of 100 tomorrow . The bikes almost feel sticky to the potholed roads . Heat is tough when you stop cycling  you explode with sweat. Really fun group and all up for it. Mojitos at a pound each isn't really what lance Armstrong would drink between sessions but what the hell!. ``Local food not the best - really bland . So it's rice and peas all the way - turbo charged. Anyway back to sleep for a bit as it's only 5 am  - that's if puffing Billy shuts up - where are those ear plugs !!!

Day2 My god was that hard . 100k body sore as hell, relentless straight boring roads with head winds as hot as a hair dryer and 30 degrees . Basically 8 hours on the bike and as hard as any day I've done . But it's over . Tomorrow is 70 k more wind and lots of hills . Cuba is a weird place basically stuck 50 years back, clearly very poor.

Day 3 Well the journey continues ... Seen a lot of the country now but the overriding fact is communism doesn't work ! It's poor and stuck in a time warp . The hotels are not the best and I'm sitting here waiting for the power to come on and no water for a shower which after 80k s is not pleasant. Just been to see Che 's statue and even that's falling apart! But weirdly getting in the routine of it all - run like a military operation with food and water at each 20k stop . Just wish it wasn't a 7 am start each day!

Day 4 I've done it, 350k although we think it was more like 400k! Really knackered now and feels strange that it's over. Met a great group of friends that you get close to really quickly, when your comparing sore bits there's no room to hide. Huge sense of achievement and real buzz. Now its Havana and party time.

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To support Neil and raise money for The Children's Trust click here to visit Neil's fundraising page

The Children's Trust is a wonderful charity that provides care, education, therapy and rehabilitation to children with multiple disabilities, complex health needs and acquired brain injury. Our services include the UK's largest paediatric brain injury rehabilitation centre, support in the community for children and young people with acquired brain injury (ABI), The School for Profound Education for pupils with profound and multiple learning difficulties (PMLD), short breaks, transitional, palliative and long-term nursing care.