BIBA's just around the corner...

BIBA is just 14 weeks away and don't we know it at Lamb Towers - stand designs are plenty, rebrands are being considered, brochures underway, product launches and new websites being born!

It's really interesting to see how BIBA has become a launch pad for many of our clients' marketing drives with a much greater consideration across the board of its impact on their business positioning. Gone are the days of 'We've booked a space now we just need a stand...'. I think this has a lot to do with the high prestige value of a presence at BIBA.

It really is the perfect industry event to focus both internally, and from a client perspective, just how a business communicates what it is, what it wants and what it can offer. The thought, and considerable cost, that goes into exhibiting at the trade event of the year needs to be more than just a place to wave their respective flags. Hence it has become for many, the pivotal event for their year's marketing campaign.

Not that we are complaining. BIBA allows us to focus and capitalise on our clients messages, and communicate those in our stand design features as well as their other marketing platforms. The end result being a consistent message that guarantees success, and more importantly, a handsome ROI. Must get back to the ideas board!